Backpackers these days travel light - a change of clothes, a passport, toothbrush, digital camera and a credit card. During the day sight seeing and the evening spent in the chat room or on the internet. They demand fast response and access all the latest Office tools, Instant Messaging, Social Networking sites, data upload and download and let's not forget good old email and web browsing.

We specialise in making computer access available to backpackers. Our standard set up is based on the latest technology and software. It requires ADSL/broadband. All this can be at your facility, at no cost to you. All you do is provide a secure location in your establishment and we do the rest.

We determine a suitable configuration, based on the size of your operations. We arrange the installation, including the link up to ADSL. Maintenance is provided by replacement of faulty equipment.

You will share in the revenue with our generous commission structure.

Give us a call on (03) 9531 8877 to discuss what we can do for you or contact us by clicking here.

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